On a trip to Germany in 2000, I loaded my first black and white film, a roll of Ilford Delta, into my 35mm point-and-shoot camera and started composing images in a different way, honing in on interesting subjects rather than just taking snapshots. I was hooked on that beautiful film grain and tonal range from the start. After college, I finally made the leap to a manual 35mm SLR, learning through trial and error.

Since then, I’ve explored film, from a low-tech Holga to a medium format Mamiya, and gravitated toward digital photography for the greater control and affordability.

I often focus on the details of the subject I’m photographing, highlighting their beauty in a more abstract way. I like to photograph old things and nature most of all. Living in four states since 2008 (Alaska, Washington, Nevada, and California), I’ve been able to explore a range of landscapes and see places I’d only before dreamt of going. I hope to travel more internationally, cameras in tow.

There is an abundant quality to the western states. I try to capture the beauty and vibrance of what I find around me and reflect a reverence for the natural environment in my images. I hope my work inspires a sense of stewardship.